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Randolph&Susannah Emerson c1900 Emerson&Hazard's leaping horse load at Windermere c1895 Emerson&Hazard's Lightning II when owned by Richard Preston Waltzer back in the family. Margret(emerson)& Randal Taylor 1980s Emerson&Hazard's Noahs ark new in 1936 ride when sold in 1973 at London meathop hospital benefit c1912 LIGHTNIG II at Jedburgh in 1934 Picture taken at New Road  Kendal New Road  Kendal in 1920 with Emerson & Hazard's Gallopers in the front and Hoadlys behind New waltzer cars fitted to Emerson & Hazard's noahs ark in 1967 Left to Right/ Lily,ernest,Margret & Rosemary Emerson Emersons loads on walney Barrow in Furness Ernest & Lily Emerson Ernest & Val Emerson Ernie Emerson next to Lightning II at Levens Hall Ernie Emerson My Grandad Speedway transport (pic by J L Middlemiss) Ernie Emerson working on gates John Emerson Left to right(John Randall)Margret & John Emerson Lily Emerson

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